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If you want to win more games you are reading the correct article. Here I will share my tips and simple strategies on how to win more games.

My background

I think Cryptobubbles is not only a fun game to chase bubbles, but it also tests your abilities to count on the fly and evaluate the distances and the sizes of the objects.


Pro-tip. Play in fullscreen mode. Press F11 to enter the fullscreen mode.

Small bubbles give you 1 point and for this guide I will refer to them as candy.

  1. Play the game in the fullscreen mode in your browser. Use F11 to turn on the fullscreen. Works in most browsers. You will get more screen real estate and will be able to see your opponents from a greater distance.
  2. Do not play on mobile devices. It is fun to play on the go, but if you want to win games you need as a big screen as you can get. Playing on a mobile phone is really, really hard. If you like playing games on Ultra Hard mode, mobile gaming is just that.
  3. Press Spacebar to split and jump forward to eat your opponents.
  4. The most important TIP is to constantly follow and eat the candies. They help you grow since each of them gives you 1 point. Especially in the begging of the round, it is essential to eat as much as fast candy as possible.
  5. To emphasize why eating candy is important. Each round takes 4 minutes, so if you eat 1 candy per second, you will finish the game having 250 points. 240 seconds and 10 points from starting round.
Always collect the candies. Each candy awards you with 1 point.

Advanced Tips and Tactics

Do not chase

Do not split too many times

Maximum times you can safely split

Unless you will touch your opponent you can be 2-4 times smaller than your closest opponent. Since everyone is chasing and attacking. It is safe to assume that everyone is 90% of the time is split at least into two balls. Again an example. Let’s say I Tarantulo (420) split into 2 balls (210) I can safely move around without any risk of anyone eating me. Because if Toby (306) would split he would be at (153).

If we assume Toby (306) is hunting and he probably is also split in 2 balls (153). We can split 4 times and get as low as (105). This is more dangerous, but you must assume that every time you split you will grow the first ball bigger.

Split-attack and 6 squares

You should not jump to attack if the opponent is further then 6 squares.

When you are playing you can’t really pause and calculate the squares, but you must learn that distance because it sometime will mean if you win or lose.

Patience and greed

This an example of a greedy play. When you split-attack without considering.

The map and the corners

And for attacking generally part of players likes to hang out in the corners of the map. So most likely you will always find someone to eat, corners are generally good hunting grounds because new players get trapped in there.

Pro-tip. Always consider the time you will have to go and come back from the corner. If you see a bigger bubble going in the direction of corner, follow them.

In the corners, you usually will find other players running to hide.


  • Download a faster browser. In my testing and experience, Brave is the fastest browser (Chromium). Referral link.
  • Simply open a new browser window.
  • If you are using an older machine. Close unused applications.


  • For a fast way to clean cache. Press Ctrl + F5.
  • If this does not help go to settings and clean all the cache and cookies. This is a useful guide for all the browsers:


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