Elrond Validator: A Battle of Nodes Story

My story starts way back when blockchain was relatively young and Bitcoin just switched from GPU mining to ASIC miners. I was discovering a strange and different world, but then the monster called gaming took me away and I somehow managed to forget and skip all these interesting developments with blockchain and cryptocurrency until the autumn of 2017.

Joining the Resistance

It was a lawless time. Ponzi and ICO campaigns were competing for your attention, dollars and BITCOIN.

Since I always had quite a decent gaming rig some of my friends who already had mining rigs offered for me to start mining cryptocurrency. And I was hooked. I mined 20 types different of coins, staked POS coins, ran masternodes! Got 10 different exchange accounts. I started participating in Airdrops, Bounties. Created my first animated video for Binance. Wrote articles, learned about writing Daps and smart contracts. I was all over the place!

The hustle

Since then I created a lot of more different media/video content for various different projects. Learned a lot about blockchain technology. I got an actual job because of my newly developed motion design skills. So I can say in a way discovering blockchain changed my life in a better way. I learned a lot about managing money, investing, trading. About losses and gains.

But it was a constant hustle day and night. Reading all the news, reading whitepapers, fighting for bounties and starting how all this comes together.


My lousy looking video for Binance actually got accepted into Binance Academy. And earned me 50 BNB. I never actually spent the coins and was hodling them since the summer of 2018. And since then I was closely following Binance and this leads to the Elrond Launchpad announcement event. I immediately joined all the social media accounts for Elrond, started reading about the project and of course got my Launchpad ticket.

Sadly my ticket was a dud. I was disappointed, but I liked something about a team and the project so I stuck around. The turning point for me was the community platform and a fellow named Alwin. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and devotion really sold me that Elrond is a legit project. He constantly encouraged me to run a node. So I was running it on/off for quite some time for different flash campaigns.

Elrond Node

Having previous experience, I was prepared for some hassle as always you had to learn quite a lot, configure a lot to launch a node. For example, I participated in Pangaea Event. But with Elrond, it was different. An easy to follow tutorial and straightforward instructions. I was really surprised at how fast I was able to run a node. And the next thing I was blown away that Elrond had a monitoring functionality with logs built in one single window! You did not have to run any different scripts or anything to see all the information. Still, love it!

The excellent Elrond node window

Since I was running my mining rig on windows, so also my node was also on Windows. For a while the was no script to update your node on Windows. So I had just to reinstall the node, it’s not dab at the Elrond team, actually, everything in crypto space is built on Linux. So if you are running things on Windows you are one step behind. But since then this was solved and you can run your node on a system you want.

This is another thing that the Elrond team excels in! They always have really good and clear announcements. I presume this all thanks to Sever Moldovean performing his duties storyteller duties excellently and always on point! Even when there are some kinds of issues you will always get information and help.

Another thing I love is version control. It is really easy to follow and update your nodes to the correct version and to confirm everything on the explorer. Even this is still the Testnet version it works reliably and you always get up to date information.

At first, I was trying to run everything manually one line of code at a time. But after a while, it gets boring and frustrating. So I started using the official script to manage my nodes.

Battle of Nodes

Since the BoN event was launched an I thought it had really simple cool marketing. Although I was expecting a bit higher prize pool for the event. But after participating, I learned that in this case, it’s not about the prize or the money! And let me tell you why!

Participating, upgrading nodes and performing missions is as close to the real-life game as I have came upon!

This experience taught me new skills, allowed me to help fellow validators to solve problems. I got a chance to invite a friend and teach him how to run validator nodes. And the community is always there, actively participating and always innovating! The involvement and close participation from the Elrond team helps you feel as not just important, but you feel like you are a part of the Elrond family!

I started by running a single validator node. But I soon realized that it’s a mistake. Since that is battle and you have to put everything you have to win! So on the third round went all out and registered an extra five nodes. Reaching the maximum allowed six nodes!

The event is still ongoing, but constant changes and improvements really allow me to appreciate all the hard work the Elrond team is investing in.

Becoming a participant in BoN event upgraded me just from a simple community member to the Elrond Node Validator. And I know definitely will be one of the cool dudes running an Elrond Node in the mainnet! Not only because I see a lot of potential in the technology, but because I truly believe the Elrond team can upgrade the world and make it a bit place for everyone!


If you want to learn more about all the technology go to www.elrond.com. And follow Elrond social media:

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