Chicory: A Colorful Tale first impressions and gameplay

Just uploaded a Chicory A Colorful Tale couch a demo co-op gameplay session. A cute adventure game with color everything and solve puzzles mechanic. Sharing my first impressions about this weird, colorful and funky game.

Video Chicory A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale — Local / Coach Co-Op Gameplay [4K60FPS]

Short review

But after some time spent in the game I decided, that is just not our cup of tea. If you would think that kind of style game is fun, then it is really worth buying. You have to support indie artists!

These are the first impressions of the game because we just played the demo. The game might get better in the future and I might do another take on it.

Painting feels intuitive and smooth

Unique game features

  • Exploring the Picnic Province, drawing on anything!
  • Manipulating the environment with your paintbrush and solving puzzles!
  • Local co-op! Up to 2 players. Play with your friends and draw together!
  • A full world of animal characters to meet and befriend!
  • Unlocking cool new paint abilities and using colors to get to new places!
  • Collectible clothes, plants, and furniture to dress your character and the world how you want!


Chicory’s demo dropped during the Steam spring festival and is brought to you by the creators of Wandersong. It’s a game where you control a cute beagle named after your favorite food — mine was pizza, because I am nothing if not basic — on a quest to find Chicory the rabbit, wielder of the paintbrush. Once she disappears, your character sets out to find her, taking her magic paintbrush along for the ride. This brush shrinks and grows platforms to help with traversal, while the Wielder is met with instant respect by everyone they meet.

Battling bosses and solving puzzles

Game history


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