Since new enhancements are launched frequently to the Maiar Wallet, we are excited to share some of the latest releases with you.

Here are the latest updates:

Welcome to Orion. This is not a glitch. It will change the world of crypto-asset trading. And you can’t do anything to stop it!

Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol is on the verge of creating a beautiful, safe and effortless way of trading your crypto while keeping it all in the safety of your own wallet. While getting the best of everything from the entire crypto market with aggregated into one gateway!

This article describes how to make a soundbar — Sony HT-G700 firmware upgrade. So grab a drink and USB drive and continue reading if you want to learn how to do it.

If you prefer to watch a video version of this tutorial, go ahead and click on the YouTube video below.

Checking Firmware version

First of all, we have to check what version the soundbar does have.

This blog post is a short story depicting the making of a video about finding platinum-coated disk platters during the teardown of an old dead HDD.

Lots of screws and moving parts to pick the HDD apart. But still a fun experiment. Felt like I am a sort of komisch engineer wannabe exploring old computer hardware stuff while searching for platinum. They say you have to have the right tools for the job, but I tried to wing it and succeeded.

However, my screwdriver with all the small bits fell apart. I had to use a different giant screwdriver…

I want to present my version of the NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory video A Decade of Sun — 10 years sun time lapse. It’s a timelapse 6x with most of the flickering or missing frames removed. Also, the colors, of course, edited to make the Sun more vibrant and appealing to watch. Sun itself is just a bright white spot, but in these colors, it looks more beautiful, in my opinion.

As of June 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO has been watching the Sun non-stop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around the…

Just uploaded a Chicory A Colorful Tale couch a demo co-op gameplay session. A cute adventure game with color everything and solve puzzles mechanic. Sharing my first impressions about this weird, colorful and funky game.

Video Chicory A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale — Local / Coach Co-Op Gameplay [4K60FPS]

Short review

In a recent coach co-op session, we tried something completely different. There are, however, times that these kinds of experiments might totally disappoint you. But in this case, the experience was fascinating and weird, to be honest. At first, got really confused, but then it got better. …

Owning a Youtube channel is a bit of a chore if you have hundreds of videos. So here comes in the TubeBuddy and saves the day.

I wanted to buy a TubeBuddy star license and searched for a coupon with a 50% discount. Found it! Got a 70% discount! Decided to share my luck with everyone else!

TubeBuddy Star license coupon Video

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

How to buy Star tier with 70% Discount with a Coupon Code

One of the main reasons for making this. …

Found the KungFu Kickball during The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition did not have lots of time to try it out. But here is some of the footage on a few games we had time to play.

KungFu Kickball

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

The game looks awesome to be sure to check it out on Steam.

Sort of fighting football 2D platformer with 4 players, 2 versus 2 option. Will waiting for a release of this one.

About KungFu Kickball

KungFu Kickball is a fighting-sports game where the best ball kicker wins! Compete against your friends in a fantasy sport…

Greetings. This tutorial is for people with the latest windows builds that broke non-original Xbox 360 controller driver support. This guide only requires you to download official drivers and modify them just a bit. So let’s get started. The link with step by step information and drivers is in the description.


The problem

“The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.”

  1. Uninstall ALL the old drivers you have for the Xbox 360 controller and remove the “unknown device” in the Device…

What you are about to read in the future might be regarded as a “sacred holy text” that described one of the biggest success histories in the early days of blockchain technology adoption. The project that set the path for real-time, real-life and actual projects to run on the blockchain without any limitations.

Of course, I am talking about Elrond. The 4th Generation blockchain project or Blockchain 4.0 as it is easier on the tongue and probably a bit an easier way to present to the market. But even here you can see that the Elrond team is not chasing…


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